Pastry Chef

My Aspiration

This is the story of a woman with determination and courage.
A woman who grew up in Tel Aviv, studied in New York and Paris, and lives in Jerusalem.
Efrat Libfroind, an ultra-Orthodox mother of seven, is also an internationally acclaimed pastry chef who got up one day and relocated in order to study at the Culinary Institute of America.
With an unswerving dedication to Jewish tradition and its dietary laws, she has studied under the world’s premier chefs, learning the profession with her sense of smell and never tasting a morsel. Unwilling to eat non-kosher food, she uses a knife to assess a food’s composition and structure, and her fingers it to sense its texture.
With passion, perseverance, and an iron will, she displays extraordinary skill, translating the cosmopolitan taste of culinary excellence into iconic creations for the kosher consumer.

Building a Reputation

A journey in search of perfection and great taste.
A hankering for that perfect kosher petit four.
For stunning presentation, for meticulous construction, for the purest ingredients, for the architecture of edible art.
In her search for the perfect texture, Efrat Libfroind has developed original techniques to achieve the exact nuances of flavor found in authentic French pastries.
Efrat teaches and lectures in Israel and New York, writes and edits for leading food magazines, hosts popular cooking programs, and promotes international brands and products that meet her standards of excellence.
She is the author of seven cookbooks, including two international bestsellers.


The Taste

A chorus of sensory bliss encoded in one little petit four.
A symphony of sweet and sour that builds and crescendos, a fusion of melt-in-your-mouth softness and the perfect crunch.
Efrat Libfroind approaches every petit four like a designer. She sketches plans, calculates dimensions, sculpts and shapes, juggles different flavors, and plays with shades of color, formulating every detail precisely.
Smooth, airy, velvety or intense—she explores textures in her kitchen laboratory, and creates kosher versions of culinary masterpieces without compromising on quality or taste.
With her ability to think out of the box, she boldly pairs ingredients and gives her own unique interpretation to timeless classics.
In her dreamy little boutique bakery, she crafts exclusive creations that are at once harmonious and a study in contrast. Her staff of pastry chefs executes her designs with unfailing attention to detail, providing customers with the petit fours they’ve always wished for.


My Inspiration

A story of a unique woman. A pioneering French patisserie in Israel, determined to upgrade the level of kosher patisseries in Israel and the world at large.

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